The first step is scheduling a 15 minute phone conversation with us. This appointment is free of charge. Use this link to schedule your appointment: Or, call 646-397-9170 and leave us a message including the best times to reach you. 


During our 15 minute phone conversation we will ask you a little bit about what you are looking for and talk you through our process.  We don’t want you to come in and pay for a session with us if we know that we don’t have the expertise that you are looking for, or if we know that another clinician could better suit your needs. At the end of this talk, we will determine which of the below services best meets your needs. 


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We take 3 sessions together to explore the circumstances and context of the issue that is bringing you in for counseling.  At the end of the consultation you will be provided with recommendations. These recommendations are tailored to your needs, preferences and individual circumstances.
Fee for 3 weeks: $300


Ongoing counseling sessions provide a healing supportive space.  Depending on what you are hoping to address or gain from the experience we will put together a roadmap for our work together.   You will be fully involved in co-creating our plan for our time together.

Fee: $150 a session

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After getting to know each other a little, we move our session outside and go for a walk.  Many of us were advised in moments of anger and frustration to "walk it off", and there is some real wisdom in that advice.  Walking can help us connect to our emotions without shutting down.  Walking has also been proven to improve mood, problem solving skills and overall health.  If walking for 45 minutes is not ideal for your body but you like the idea of getting outside or incorporating movement into your sessions, let us know.  We can make adjustments to suit your abilities and needs.

Fee per session: $150


Groups can be a powerful place to grow and heal.  We all work together to co-create a community of care and support, and to learn together about ourselves and each other .

If you are interested in group work, please call to inquire.  Group fees vary, but tend to be around $80 a session.

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We facilitate engaging experiential learning events designed to help participants gain a sense of their own power to co-create communities of care and healing.

Call for more information.